Welcome to Horizon Realty!

If you're an agent, or a "soon to be" agent and are looking for a company to continue or start your career with, we'd love to grab a cup of coffee and see if we're the right fit. Our motto at Horizon Realty is "quality of life leads to quality of service".

If you're happy with your pay, freedom of schedule, and overall life it will shine through in your business. That goes a long way with building a pipeline of loyal clients that are happy to do business with you and refer you to others.

To achieve this, Horizon offers a generous split of 90/10 for agent generated business. If it's your lead, you get to keep 90% of the commission with only 10% going to the office. Your office split is also capped at $12,000 per year, so once you've reached that milestone you keep 100% of your commission until your cap resets on your anniversary.

The only monthly fees you pay are to cover your MLS dues and an optional $25 if you choose to use our CRM. No desk fees or mandatory tech fees for things you don't use!

We also offer a lead program to supplement your agent generated business. Leads provided by the office are split 50/50 and do not count toward your cap. You will also need to use our CRM so that we can route the leads to you. Participation in the lead program is optional.

We are able to do this by cutting out the nonsense. No big office that your clients will never go to. No bloated payroll for support staff that you'll never see. No corporate fees that take a cut right off the top. We watch our expenses under a microscope, as should you, so that you can keep the most money in your pocket as possible. 

You got into real estate to run your own business, and we want to foster an environment where you can afford to do just that. We're not for everyone but if you think we're the right fit for you, we hope that you will be a Horizon agent for the rest of your real estate career.